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Educational Outreach 

NYBDC will conduct classes and lecture/demonstrations as outreach to the community. Local outreach programs will be coordinated through the New Mexico Natural History Museum’s Planetarium, The New Mexico Ballet Company, and The Marshal Dance Academy.


During the filming of the “Harmony of the Spheres” dome show, professional dancers trained in historical dance practice from The New York Baroque Dance Company (NYBDC) will be united with pre­professional New Mexican dance students. This company will share their experiences and knowledge with youth dancers, offering students extraordinary opportunities to advance their understanding of the art form while exposing them to historical content. As the project will take place in New Mexico, project participants from the arts sector will be made up of underserved arts communities, at­ risk youth, new citizens, and low ­income Americans.


New Mexico Museum Natural History and Science and Planetarium “is one of eight state museums within the Department of Cultural Affairs considered to be among the most ambitious and respected state cultural agencies in the nation. The facilities, programs, and services of the department see over 1.2 million visitors annually and help supped a $5.6 billion cultural industry in New Mexico. 


In distributing this dome show, NYBDC will extend its national and international reach, historically relating Science to many areas of the Arts, including dance, music, painting, sculpture, and architecture. Beneficiaries will include audiences of dance educators and students, researchers, academics, and the dance history community.


With the aid of a dome show distributor such as Sky-Skan, Harmony of the Spheres will seek other venues in the other 1,400 dome auditoriums around the world.  A list of these theaters can be seen here.  


Through this reciprocal investigation between the Arts and Sciences, NYBDC intends to attract a new demographic to the arts. The content of the dome show will focus on astronomy and explore the historical connection between dance and science in the Baroque period, an under­researched area. Content for the dome show’s production will be built in collaboration with scientists from the Pajarito Environmental Education Center and Planetarium, the University of New Mexico, St. John’s College, and the New Mexico Natural History Museum. These experts in the field will connect the dome show’s content to New Mexican Common Core State educational standards, incorporating STEM + Arts standards. Beneficiaries will include audiences of science educators, students, researchers, academics, and the science community with a focus on serving New Mexican students who are substantially underserved in relation to student achievement measures. 

The New Mexico Ballet Company is the state’s oldest ballet company with a 45-year tradition of superior dance education and professionalism in ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. They are partners with The New Mexico Philharmonic to produce the traditional Nutcracker and an additional Spring show at UNM’s Popejoy Hall. With an extensive outreach program in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Gallup, Los Alamos and Taos, they also serve Title 1 schools such as Jemez and Zuni Pueblo.


The Marshall Conservatory offers classical ballet classes as founded by Agrippina Vaganova and her student Vera Kostrovitskaya along with other American styles in contemporary dance. 


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