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Partners & Consultants

New York Baroque Dance Company

     Catherine Turocy - Artistic Director, Producer, Choreographer

     James Richman  - Artistic Director of The Dallas Bach Society

     Mariel McEwan - Producer, Dance Camera Director



Pajarito Environmental Educational Center & Planetarium

     Jonathan Creel - Director of Interpretation

     Dr. Richard Wallace - Astrophysicist, Nobel Laureate

Françoise Dartois-Lapeyre -  Maître de conférence Université Paris-Sorbonne

     Officier dans l'Odre des Palmes Académiques 


Dr. Peter Pesic - Musician, Physicist - St. John's College, Santa Fe

     Author of "Music and the Making of Modern Science"

Dr. John McGraw - Astronomer - University of New Mexico


New Mexico Women in Film

ARTS Lab of the University of New Mexico

     David Beining - Senior Program Manager, Dome Technology


New Mexican Natural History Museum's Planetarium

     Jim Greenhouse - Space Science Director

New Mexico Ballet Company

     Emily Fine - Executive Director 


Marshall Performing Arts Conservatory

     Katie Marshall - Artistic Director


Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

     Glenna Voigt - Principal

     Anthony Conforti - Digital Media Instructor



Knob Hill Studios

     Patti Gladstone - Studio Administrator





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