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Photo Research -   The Kimo Theater, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Search lights sweep the Albuquerque sky. The exterior of the Kimo theater is ablaze with lights illuminating the Indian motifs that run along the facade of the historic Pueblo Art Deco theater built in 1928. The show "Aparitions de la Madre" appears on the marquee. Four generations from one family are in the audience as two dancers portray the transformation of the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin  into the Virgin of Guadalupe. The contrast between the  brutal reality of fertility goddess Tonatatzin and the Compassionate Mother of the Guadalupe influences  the ebb and flow of events that define the life and times of each bride, her husbands and family. The four brides are introduced: Matilde, great-grandmother, Feliz, grandmother, and Delores, mother to the dancer Eve who portrays the role of Tonantzin. 

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